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I believe this blog needs more direction. So far I’ve been content with making a post every day. For the first few days, this is ok. I do have to prove that I won’t drop the project within a week. But random posts about whatever is in my head at the moment aren’t going to be interesting for anyone else to read. Other than people who know me and want to check in on me personally, there’s no reason for anyone to frequent this blog. It has no specific subject matter or theme. I’m not writing anything particularly meaningful; I’m just showing up.

Although that is a theme of sorts – see the title of the blog. Randomness with no real direction is how most of my life goes. If I could make it entertaining, it might be enough.It would certainly be truth.

Or, I could just write for Karen. She’ll be reading regardless. Though she also would probably prefer interesting content.

I’ll be contemplating this over the weekend. There won’t be a post on Friday, because I have a habit of not being productive on Friday evenings. We’ll see what I come up with for Saturday, and into the future.


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I have three versions of a story. I wrote the first one down the week I had the idea. I wrote the other two as writing exercises in an attempt to get back into a regular writing habit. Today it’s on my calendar to combine the three into something worthwhile. If I write much more here, it will be at the expense of that project. So, if no text follows this sentence, I’m actually writing fiction! Otherwise, I’m obviously just putting it off.

Update: Work was accomplished. Sleep will be attempted next.

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Post # 2

Someday the titles will get better, but for now it’s important to point out that the second post exists. Because sticking to a plan isn’t my strong suit. In fact, I completely failed at another part of the master plan today, which was to limit myself to reading a specific number of blogs a day. It’s now two hours since I got home and I’ve spent most of it on the internet. But, I am posting now. Baby steps, I guess.

Why can’t I read three blogs and then do something productive? It’s not like the others won’t exist the next day. If my willpower gives an inch, my lazier side takes a mile or ten. Drives me insane. Apparently insanity is ten miles from my intended limit.

So… supposedly after blogging I’m going to exercise daily. I suspect this may actually happen when the weather warms up. I am a southerner inside, and won’t regularly take walks until it’s in the 70s. Well, 60s with sun and no wind might do. When spring first comes I’ll run out to take a walk as soon as it gets above 45, but after a few days that’s just not good enough anymore. The trouble with exercise is that I’ll do it if I can enjoy it. I don’t enjoy indoor exercise. I live in the Midwest. Outside is only enjoyable when it’s warm. Also dry. I want to go out to the lake and other hiking areas, but mud is unpleasant.

I complain a lot. I can find excuses not to do anything that’s at all unpleasant. I really should move south someday. New Mexico is appealing. As long as I was in the mountains and close to water. Trees are really a necessity.

Did I mention I have ADHD? I ramble. But at least I post.

Thus ends Post #2.

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In theory, I will be updating daily, at least on weekdays.

In theory, this will make me DO something when I go online, instead of getting sucked into merely reading all evening.

In theory, that will help me write fiction.

We’ll see what happens.

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